C E R A M I C S Kerstin Zetterström T E X T I L E S
Modeling stoneware and porcelain clay
in the workshop and creating unique
and beautiful pottery is a great joy for
me. Through the years, I have become
a skilled potter. I have, among other
things, studied Spanish classical potte-
ry techniques and have produced ma-
ny consumer products using that tech-
nique such as jugs, mugs,plates and
bowls. Sometimes I let my imagination
loose to create new and interesting
forms and products. It's always exciting
to open the kiln to see the end result.

Exhibitions in recent years: The Ebeling
Museum in Torshälla, Gallery Old Town
in Eskilstuna, Pelles Lusthus in Nykö-
ping, Gallery Villåttinge in Flen as well
   as our permanent exhibition in Bettna.
I sincerely welcome you, and groups up
to 60 people at a time, to visit JOKER
CERAMICS, which is located in the
rolling Swedish countryside of Söder-
manland, right beside the rural idyllic
town of Bettna. Map » We invite you
to the gallery, to browse and immerse
yourself in the unique homelike atmos-
phere of the pottery and to experience
the lovely hand sewn clothing design-
ed by Kerstin herself. When visiting the
gallery, Kerstin will be glad to to demon-
strate how one can work and create
with pottery. It is also possible to book
a special time with her in order to try
modeling yourself either by hand or on
the wheel. Many years of experience
and education at Konstfack art school
is the foundation of Kerstin’s creativity.
Fabrics and colors inspire me to sew
and design clothes for you who want to
wear lovely and unique garments which
are fashionable, comfortable and loose-
fitting. The hand sewn dresses, jackets,
tights and tunics are completely unique
in fabric type, model, textile as well as
colour of course. There is a common de-
nominator: All garments are newly de-
signed based on the hundred-year-old
"work shirt” pattern which still fits well
with today’s styles. Fantasy and imagi-
nation flows freely in the textile studio.

There are also bags, aprons, pillows,
tablecloths and curtains on sale in our
showroom, and we are open all the
year round.
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